About Us

Screen-Shot-2014-01-20-at-1.08.36-PMHigh Consciousness, as opposed to low, is the game changer of personal and collective development, of social responsibility, of a culture with reverence for environmental integrity in a finite biological system. We must ascend to the forbidden heights of our own consciousness and flow from the well of our Infinite Being, we must awaken virally, exponentially and NOW.

Our mission at Awake Media is to help raise the collective consciousness–and to do great work. To that end we seek to work with clients who are striving to be conscious entrepreneurs. We will match your vision with our creativity, and help you develop an online and offline presence that’s utterly authentic and memorable. We specialize in wordpress web development, sacred geometry logos and creative brand packages.

Awake Media is structured as a Coalition of Independent Contractors who work together in fluid teams as the occasion and project demands. Don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation with me if you have a project you need help with. Call or text 619-366-7788

Lakshmi Narayan
Founder & Creative Director,
Awake Media