Lakshmi Narayan, Founder, Creative Director
My background is 9 years of undergrad and graduate training in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. I have 30 years experience in various print and multimedia, including branding and corporate identity systems, collateral design, magazine design, direct mail, ads, packaging, web development and scriptwriting. I am passionate about transformation of consciousness and culture.


Boris Is, Graphic Designer
I design to frame stories, solve problems, and make connections. In that sense, the scope of my role often extends beyond that which you see, and I always create knowing the design will become something more. Originally from Russia, I served in Kuwait and Okinawa with the US Air Force before attending the widely influential Creative Circus, an advertising/design portfolio school in Atlanta. My worldly experience in life is only eclipsed by the skill in illustration and design. With a love for all things sustainable, mobile and highly functional. By no means a master of anything but a resourceful hand for any task at hand. I’m striving to become a responsible human being as opposed to a mindless consumer.

Todd Clarke

I write and design content to help people ‘get it’ faster, sooner and better. I explain it best here, at TODDACLARKE.COM. It’s edgy.
Previously, in my years helping teams deliver software solutions, I developed skills to create clear, concise and visually-oriented content to describe, validate and visualize software systems.
Now, as a consultant who writes, I help businesses relate well with their audiences. People develop trust and buy things when they understand you immediately, clearly and simply.
1) Write and design for the web to explain your business, services and products with gut-level clarity.
2) Create infographics to help your people learn faster and remember more of what you write, say and show.
Life’s too short to state things poorly, don’t ya think?


Mary Beth Bonfiglio, Writer, teacher, speaker, and provocateur
I have been writing and cultivating voices for over half my life. I currently teach writing workshops, create courses on embodied tarot, and work with clients for complete website copy writing.  I love mentoring heart-based, passionate and change-making entrepreneurs in their own “story branding”.  When a business owner learns to harness their voice in sales copy,  powerful alchemy and authentic success occurs.  I’m currently working on my third screenplay- I think the script format is a profound and effective way to tell a story.  In my free time I lead medicine journeys, make Mala beads, hike and hangwith my three daughters. I write my artistic process at and currently live in beautiful Portland, OR.

Lucas Narayan, web developer, media producer
I’m the one who launches your website, manages the servers, sets up accounts, conducts tutorials, manages Woocommerce, and a plethora of other related web development tasks. My job requires me to constantly be learning to keep up with technology’s rapid pace. In addition to web development, I also offer audio editing, mixing and recording, music composition, and sound design. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering from Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, CA.

Ritesh Sharma web developer and design enthusiast.
Currently, studying engineering at MIT Pune. He has a background in CMS web development and has been working as a freelance web developer for last 3years. He loves WordPress and responsive design. When not studying, you can find him converting pizza and caffeine to web applications.

Bret Bernhoft, certified Web Analyst, podcast producer
I thrive on pushing the envelope of discovery and expression using effective Internet tools. Being willing to take a chance and work hard have been the keys to my success. I have created a community called “Being Bipolar” that currently has over 178,000 members. It’s an online resource designed to provide a common space for the bipolar disorder community to meet and share experiences. I also built and manage a website called “Mental Redux“ where I discuss relevant topics and share my own personal experiences, primarily through podcasts. Based in Portland Oregon, my work encompasses a variety of roles including analytics to track the performance of websites, Facebook pages, iTunes podcasts, etc. and Web development with a focus on increasing online traffic.

Chris Schmauch, photographer
I am a husband of a loving, amazing woman, a father of three beautiful children, and a creative professional with a passion to please. If I could pay the bills with the ear-to-ear smiles and compliments from my clients, I’d work for free 🙂 I’m a gadget-loving, technology geek. But I’m also a compassionate human-being lover. Put the two together and you get state-of-the-art images that will provide meaningful enjoyment for a lifetime.