Transformative Technology: Brain Waves of the Future

Transformative Technology: Brain Waves of the Future

Last month I attended the transformative technologies conference at Sofia University in Palo Alto California, where some of the brightest minds on the planet discussed the next billion dollar industry: technologies for self awareness and awakening.

Quantitative & Qualitative

Still in its infancy, the focus of transformative technology is wearable devices (hardware) and apps (software) that measure, collect data and give you feedback on breathing, heart rate variability, brain wave activity, stress and fear responses and other signals that when measured, monitored and adjusted can help you manage your moods, have a more effective meditation practice, learn to live, breathe, think, feel, and perform better. Its true that these gadgets increase self-awareness. It begs the question, what is a Self?

The question is, can a Wearable get you there? How much data do you need to gather to know God?

Habit Forming

For example, is a Pavolovian style mouse-like gadget which helps you entrain a new habit by flashing different colored lights at you to remind you to ‘do’ whatever new habit you are trying to form, like remembering to drink water frequently, stretch your body etc. I can see the usefulness of such a thing to break the mold of a prescribed daily habit. You shed one habit that of not drinking water and you inhabit another, that of an incessant relationship with a gadget.

Other gadgets are conceived as wearables, like the Lief, an ECG patch which has been ‘scientifically shown to improve control over your flight or flight response’, that a cynical friend of mine described as a choke collar,  or a VR device that visulaizes your breath as a puff of snowflakes or colored lights that allow you to ‘move’ through a virtual landscape, making breathing a game. The more deeply you breathe the more mobility you have. If you haven’t developed somatic awareness or spend too much time in your head, these tools are helpful.


I sat in a crowded anteroom with a headband on my head from a company called Muse, that promised to help me meditate better. As I breathed in and out, Muse would measure my brain waves and play the sound of crashing waves in my ear if my mind was wandering and give me the sound of birds chirping if I hit a moment of ‘no thought.’

In 5 minutes of meditation the birds chirped 3 times for a few seconds, and the lady told me that was ‘good’ and I felt how low the collective bar was for “no thought.”

What’s wonderful about a device like Muse is that it gives one somatic feedback for what ‘no thought’ feels like, and in time you can entrain yourself to hit that state even without the device, if in fact that is the state being measured. One way to self-check is to keep in mind that states of profound silence and stillness have an ‘Eternal Now’ feeling to them. These states can’t be maintained very long without a kind of inner training and the discipline to still the mind consciously for periods of time.

That stillness is like a reset button. In that stillness thoughts ‘arise’ in your mind from the pre-frontal cortex instead of from the amygdala, and you, the thinker, recognizes that while these are ‘your thoughts’, they are qualitatively different from your normal mind stream, which you now recognize as the fear-based mind-chatter that we all experience from time to time.

These thoughts ‘ARISE’ in your MInd. You feel more like the Witness than the Thinker, and yet, they are your thoughts. They inspire you and make you feel grateful

Did you know Your Brain Waves Can Make Art?

One of the nicest things at the transtech conference was a large LED wheel or ‘chakra’ with colored lights on it that would change pattern depending on the brain waves of the people who were attached to it by a bluetooth wearable. This was created by laser light artists and programmer Peter Tjeedsma of

It was a beautiful non-judgmental, ever-morphing panorama of this amazing brain and unfathomable mind we possess.

Mastering our minds: from healing bi-polar to transcendence

I was late for this workshop and I walked in to the words ‘Bipolar is the low-hanging fruit of enlightenment”

That caught my attention because I have been feeling for a while, that this thing we call mental illness is a serious misdiagnosis of a condition that is really more of a shamanic encounter along an evolutionary path. Tribal cultures regard what we call ‘psychoses’ as shamanic initiations, and there is a certain logic to that. The shaman journeys within, to reconcile, find God, the Great Unity inside. In doing so he or she is healed. That’s the sum of it.

Because of the centuries of limited access to the Plant Technologies, which are sophisticated al-chemical processes designed by nature to help us climb that evolutionary ladder between in-divid-dual Self and God, we live in a culture of mental dysfuctions like ADD, ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, sanctioned psychosis, violence, war and more.

Gino Yu, a professor from Hong Kong presents a perfecty logical idea that the ‘bipolar’ person is actually experiencing the energy of transformation, but is unable to ground it in their body because they have an overlay of fear, desire, and need distorted by many mental concepts or projections, that they are unable to ‘decouple’ from. Decoupling is an important word in this explanation, because someone with bipolar is in a dualistic mindset.

Your Body is the Ultimate Wearable

Awakening to your ‘natural state’ or ‘true nature’ is the breaking or melting of a much bigger mold than addictions or bad habits. It is the mold of the over-thinking mind and the frozen heart. I maintain that this meta-mold cannot be broken or melted without God entering the picture.

Whatever picture or ideas that word ‘God’ conjures up for you, I’m referring to an experience of ‘Divine Union’ within, and it is a triune leap– physical, psychological and metaphysical. You know God. You become One with God. Whether you achieve this with breathing, yoga, fasting, entheogens, writing, painting, cooking, or some combination thereof, its characteristics and effects are the same for all humans. You heal because your issues melt into the melting pot of ‘divine mind’ the collective consciousness. You step into the master of archetypes.

About the Author: Lakshmi Narayan is the Creative Director of Awake Media a design studio that build brands and websites. She believes that the current systemic dysfunctions and crises are precursors to a global spiritual awakening.


Famous Corporate Sacred Geometry Logos

Famous Corporate Sacred Geometry Logos

Sacred geometry is a map of the invisible. It’s the structures and patterns, sometimes atomic, sometimes galactic, that define forms and systems. Understanding sacred geometry can give meaning to life, and simplifies the ability to navigate your ship in an increasingly complex world. These patterns repeat themselves in species and objects, in social systems, behavior patterns, and in cycles of change. They show up as symbols—in business brands, art and architecture, mythology and religion. Here are a few corporate logos and the sacred geometry imbued in their symbol. We don’t know whether these symbols were designed with this understanding in mind, but it’s because of the meaning they imbue that people are attracted to certain forms. These forms keep repeating themselves through history.


The pentagram was the symbol of the Pythagoreans, a group of Greek philosophers who thought the secrets of the universe were hidden in numbers and expressed through geometry and music. The pentagram is a universal symbol for growth and regeneration. Penta or five is the center, the mathematical middle of nine (femi-nine) coming together in a circle.


The cross is a coordinate of a vertical and a horizontal ordinate. X and Y, which stand for direction, and also designate the male and female chromosomes. It symbolizes direction and crossroads, and of course, when viewed from below it is the Christian crucifix.



The Texaco logo derives it’s power from these 2 secular symbols, the pentagram and the cross, symbols of Christ and the Devil, or crucifixion and renewal, a union of polarities.



Mastery of 3-dimensions is symbolized by the 3-pronged Mercedes-Benz logo. Two symbolizes duality. Three is a trinity, or tri-unity. “Every tension of opposites culminates in a release, out of which comes the “third”. In the third, the tension is resolved and the lost unity is restored.–Carl Jung.



The Christian fish symbol, comes from the center carved out of the intersection of two circles whose circumference just touches the center of the other. This geometry is called a Vesica Piscis—’vesica’ means bladder which could be likened to a sac containing something fluid, in this case “piscis” which means pointed oval. Two wholes, or two poles, left and right, male and female, good and evil, yin and yang — the sacred space formed by their intersection is, appropriately, the symbol of Christ. If you draw another vesica piscis inside the center and erase everything but the oval in the center, you get a pupil, a symbol used in Hindu mandalas, and geometric meditation diagrams symbolizing “vision”



TWA used the same geometry in their original logo, symbolizing the union of different worlds through travel.


And Mastercard uses it to denote the power of credit.

In all these cases, the form derives it’s original power from the meaning of a union of opposites. The meanings associated with it by brand came later. Those are more individual to the brand. The power of the symbol is universal and archetypal.




About Lakshmi Narayan, founder

About Lakshmi Narayan, founder

Why Awake Media? In this corporate controlled dis-information age, it sounds like an oxymoron. We should not let it be so! The intention of Awake Media, and awaken-ing, its mission, flows from its founder, me, Lakshmi Narayan, a sentient life manifested in the corpus and work of Awake.

In the years of my graphic design education and career, I have passed through the academic and corporate worlds to find them largely empty of substance, serving mainly their voracious appetite, more than real need.

From being a long-time student of the I Ching and as of this writing, my 56 years of life and love of it, I have learned many things, of geometry, of archetype and word, of color and pattern, energy and feeling, and I infuse this knowledge in my complex yet simple work. What is success? What does it cost?

I am always trying to fill the footsteps of being Awake, to marry beauty and function, vocation and avocation. My marketing plan is to address real need, mine and my clients. I strive to be a happy Medium of The Middle Way.

Awake Media is structured as a Coalition of Independent Contractors who work together in fluid teams as the occasion and project demands. Don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation with me if you have a project you need help with. Call or text 619-366-7788

Lakshmi Narayan
Founder & Creative Director,
Awake Media


Transcendental Cinema

Our current world story is polarized, with many factors reaching critical mass that threaten life on the planet, and some of those factors are hanging in the balance of human awareness.

We need stories that can expand human awareness and our collective wisdom. The common theme for Awake Media’s stories is an individual’s journey from being an ordinary person to experiencing divine mind. Our goal is to show this process playing out in the ‘acts’ of the character’s life, the conflicts within and without, and also the transformations within the heart.

It is important to create avenues that can powerfully awaken the collective consciousness so that we can rise above the conflicts created by divisive thinking. Film is an excellent medium for such an endeavor. In the context of a compelling fictional story, the audience has suspended their disbelief, and it is fertile ground for introducing new ideas and experiences, or reengaging with eternal truths and ancient wisdom, that can create an ‘Aha!’ or a synaptic shift in the viewer.

Underneath the stories of pleasure and pain that we live, there is another movement happening—the journey of consciousness in time. A journey from blindness to vision. From ignorance to wisdom. From alienation to love.

At some point in their life-time(s), individuals become aware of this process of awakening and the journey takes on momentum and critical mass.

Keys are found and doors open—across time and culture. The person in question begins to see that there are bridges to understanding that are fragmented and buried in the myths and stories of many cultures. Perhaps some of these associations resonate in the context of a past-life memory, or a feeling of inexplicable familiarity. One’s own “body of knowledge”—this very flesh— awakens to a celebration of the cosmic principles of life. Belief systems and values within the single lifetime collapse and are reintegrated over-and-over, leading to many rebirths in one life.

Movies are a perfect metaphor for this movement. Light projected on a screen through a filter, creating a story, that is, ultimately, an illusion. During my own journey, I’ve understood something about this as revealed in sacred geometry, the spelling of words, and the meaning of archetypes. This understanding is transformative. It has a consistent and demonstrable logic to it. It is a code. You could call it the awakening code.

Like DNA, it is a pattern which informs. The inter-connections between apparently dissimilar things or people. The levels of spontaneous unfoldment in a process. While words alone can never do them justice, these relationships can be shown, in the context of a story, in a holographic medium like film.

Popular movies like Pi, The Matrix and Contact have been made on the idea of another reality. They often disintegrate into paranoia or violence, or into dualistic good guy/bad guy themes. There are myths about individuals who have achieved enlightenment, but the stories usually focus on the personality and not the process. While the process itself has as many flavors as the personality, it is intrinsicly timeless, and is happening to us even when we are ignorant of it. The process of awakening has relevance to our time because it is largely forgotten as a human evolutionary purpose.

21st century films have the technology to make the inner mind manifest, and to make visible truths that we can usually only see with our inner eye. The light body, chakras, the archetypes that greet one along the path, the movement of energy, the loving inner intelligence that leads. In our own lives, we have stories galore that include such experiences.

At the heart of the story is a transcendent experience. Through this experience, the protagonist has a profound spiritual awakening. The empathetic audience also experiences an awakening. In the climax, the protagonist’s choice transcends the whole equation and both character and audience “ascend” to a higher level of consciousness.



Brand Strategy: Simple, But Not Easy

Brand Strategy: Simple, But Not Easy

I really dislike the word ‘brand’ because it brings up a visceral memory of searing flesh, whether of cattle or humans with numbers, but that is the current nomenclature we use for identity so I go with it. So a brand encompasses your whole company, it’s the first impression, the follow through, the purity of intent and execution of a vision/mission in your products, your services, your promotional materials, your image, your communications, its the personality you are projecting, whether inadvertent or’advertent’

The steps to creating a brand strategy are incredibly simple. All you need to do is define three things:

What’s your story?
Who’s your audience?
How are you going to tell it? (media, themes, memes)

When it’s your own company, you have tunnel vision. Your dream or vision may have lived with you for so long that you express details, not the broad strokes which excited you initially to want to be create it. Your audience needs to understand that primal motivation, so they can be motivated enough to want to work with you, or join your movement. This is where ‘your story’ comes in. Secondly, you have to understand who your audience is and what motivates them. Are you speaking to soldiers, middle aged women, young men, what’s the mindset of your audience, could you build a profile of them?

Personally, I find it hard to envision my own brand, I know too much about it and that familiarity creates a kind of blindness. I break though that blindness in order to recreate the Awake Media brand periodically, but I usually need the objective eye of a writer or colleague to help me see past my blindness. And that’s what I offer in a Brand Strategy Conversation. An objective eye and Beginner’s Mind.

To book a brand strategy meeting with call Lakshmi Narayan at 831-713-9239





Are you Awake? YouTube campaign

Maybe there’s a quickening, a hundredth monkey, a millionth Buddha. Let’s hope. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me. Who do you say that I am? I am awake. In unison, I am awake.

‘Are you Awake?’ is a collection of video blog interviews created by Lakshmi Narayan of Awake Media. Also visible on YOUTUBE FACEBOOK PNTEREST


Design Renaissance 2010


Press Release:

SANTA CRUZ, California.  March 9, 2010 – Awake Media closes Earth Day weekend celebration with Design Renaissance 2010, a one-day event on Sunday, April 18, 2010 from 9AM– 4PM at the Dream Inn.

Envisioning a global renaissance in creative thinking, the event features a plenary of local and national leaders in sustainable design including Eric Corey Freed, author and Executive Director of Urban Revision, Ryan Duke from Project H Design, Bonnie de Varco, chief archivist for Stanford’s Buckminster Fuller Archive, world renowned chaos theorist and mathematician Ralph Abraham, and Helen and Newton Harrison, globally recognized local eco-artists. A number of local leaders will help moderate the discussion and involve the audience in participatory multimedia design exercises.

Speakers will inspire the audience with innovative thinking, best practices, and new trends in the application of sustainable design across many fields including architecture and urban renewal, systems and information design, product design, and environmental activism. Topics will include design for humanitarian and health needs, urban eco-zones, and the local watershed issues.

Design Renaissance, the inaugural event is envisioned to be an ongoing project, seeking to bring together people, projects, and ideas that can help co-create a sustainable Santa Cruz, while inspiring the global community. The nexus of ecology, design, and business around the challenges of sustainability is currently producing a new wave of creativity and inspiration that brings communities into new collaborative relationships with the triple bottom line of people, profit, and planet.

“With the Design Renaissance, we are excited to introduce the Santa Cruz community to a number of visionary yet practical ideas for a resilient and sustainable Santa Cruz”, says co-founder Michael Sammet, who teaches Sustainable Design at the Academy of Art University. “We are confident that the Monterey Bay Region, with all of its brain power and ecological consciousness, will continue be a leader in the burgeoning field of sustainable design.”

“When it comes to co-creating a sustainable Santa Cruz, everyone is a designer,” says Lakshmi Narayan, CEO of Awake Media.

Co-sponsors for the event include Transition Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Design + Innovation Center.

The  Design Renaissance event took place at the Dream Inn, 175 West Cliff Drive, from 9 AM – 4 PM on Sunday, April 18, 2010. Early bird tickets were $40. For more information or to purchase tickets call Awake Media at 831-740-1006 or go to



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Transcendent Media

Awake Media is actively seeking clients, partners, and collaborations to create transcendent media products, and infuse the marketplace. Transcendent media is a virtually non-existent genre, but it is only a new form of already existing media capabilities, such as film, videos, graphic novels, games and iPad apps.

We are interested in creating the following Transcendent Media products

  • Guided Multimedia Meditations: (seeking collaborators for ‘The Diamond Body” meditation)
  • Psychedelic Short Stories: A short multimedia piece that depicts a psychedelic episode or dream sequence, using a multimedia narrative form, where there is an audio retelling, combined with 3D, animation, live video, and typography. (Read an example of a psychedelic episode depiction)
  • Interactive shamanic children’s books (seeking collaborators for The Magic Tree)
  • Metaphysical Video Games (Seeking collaborators for The Cosmic Snake and Jacob’s Ladder)
  • Feature Films (seeking collaborators for Gifted)



Brand • Web •  Print • Sacred Geometry in World-Famous Logos

Being, the change

Being, the change

The reconciliation of opposites, maleness and femaleness, is a constant process, like the wings of a butterfly fluttering, and as you flutter, you shed the heavy little bits of story you carry around, the bunches of regrets and disappointments and I wish I had’s or even the good stories, the expectations, the entitlements. The person who didn’t show up, and the recurring tape about the terrifying airplane flight, or how only a certain kind of love will do. The story ain’t worth its weight in feathers, so I constantly drop stories, in a joyfully chronic amnesia. Some of those tracks run deep however, and won’t shake off quite so easily, so then I have to turn to my best ally and guide: DESIGN.

Design has been my greatest teacher because when I am creating visual art or solving a design problem, I am awake. I don’t have to tell myself any stories or read any books about how to be a designer or how to be awake, it’s intrinsic. So this got me thinking: Perhaps each of us has an activity that comes intrinsically to us that puts us in an awakened state of consciousness. It might be your profession, or it might not. It might be your proclaimed passion, or your secret delight. But whatever it is pay attention to it. It is your inner teacher, in-tuition, free of charge and always at hand. Showing you how to see, and how to be in the world. And how to drop stories.

Letting go of stories is a constant shedding process, feathers for the sacred dance and that’s the secret to rejuvenation.

LIGHT, as a feather, is still Light, even as gravity pulls it down, it  falls lightly on the ground.


In memory of Stuart Wilde who delivered to me my first and biggest awakening

In memory of Stuart Wilde who delivered to me my first and biggest awakening

Stuart Wilde passed away a few months ago of a heart attack at age 66. I am eternally grateful to him for giving it to me straight and simple. He awakened me through his powerful ideas and actions at the Warriors Wisdom workshop in Taos, new Mexico. I was 33 then. Today, 20 years later, I still count that as the biggest turning point of my life and consciousness, thus far.

A great silence descended on me, right from when I got on the plane to Taos for the three day workshop. I had no expectations, I was a novice, a true beginner. I did not even know that the silence was significant. I just noticed it, curious.

The silence grew and expanded throughout those three days of paradigm busting experiences, metaphysical lectures and 4 am meditations, feeling my spirit snap to attention inside me to the crack of a gunshot in a large room, a near death experience as I fell off a high-wire, and finally a fire-walk, chanting “Cool moss, cool moss”, which left me feeling exhilarated and certain that this was my birth-right, to be this awake, this ecstatic.

That state of ecstasy lasted for about three weeks, and then tapered off, as mundane reality crept in. However, its effect has been profound. I have spent the rest of my life integrating that experience, rediscovering that state, and making it my own, so that I can hold that ecstasy in my body once again, as a natural state.

Here is an account of my near death experience at Stuart Wilde’s Seminar.