I really dislike the word ‘brand’ because it brings up a visceral memory of searing flesh, whether of cattle or humans with numbers, but that is the current nomenclature we use for identity so I go with it. So a brand encompasses your whole company, it’s the first impression, the follow through, the purity of intent and execution of a vision/mission in your products, your services, your promotional materials, your image, your communications, its the personality you are projecting, whether inadvertent or’advertent’

The steps to creating a brand strategy are incredibly simple. All you need to do is define three things:

What’s your story?
Who’s your audience?
How are you going to tell it? (media, themes, memes)

When it’s your own company, you have tunnel vision. Your dream or vision may have lived with you for so long that you express details, not the broad strokes which excited you initially to want to be create it. Your audience needs to understand that primal motivation, so they can be motivated enough to want to work with you, or join your movement. This is where ‘your story’ comes in. Secondly, you have to understand who your audience is and what motivates them. Are you speaking to soldiers, middle aged women, young men, what’s the mindset of your audience, could you build a profile of them?

Personally, I find it hard to envision my own brand, I know too much about it and that familiarity creates a kind of blindness. I break though that blindness in order to recreate the Awake Media brand periodically, but I usually need the objective eye of a writer or colleague to help me see past my blindness. And that’s what I offer in a Brand Strategy Conversation. An objective eye and Beginner’s Mind.

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