Awake Media creates media campaigns and movies that inspire personal, social, political and spiritual change. Our ideal clients are folks engaged in health and recovery, integration, restoring planetary balance, social justice, and the evolution of consciousness. We welcome non-profits, clinics, shamanic practitioners, therapists, authors, artists, filmmakers, event planners. We want to make your media extraordinary, help you succeed, and be your partner in making the world a better place.


Laskhmi in Circle

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I founded Awake Media in 2012 because I wanted to do something that manifested awakening, and I am seldom more present than when I am creating something. Creativity has been my biggest teacher. I offer a conscious, streamlined, impeccable design and development process and product for small businesses looking to use media to communicate their brand and web presence.

When people ask me, what’s the ‘ONE THING’ you do better than others, I say EVERYTHING. We do everything. We are both generalists and specialists. We help you with the big picture communications AND the technical details, AND hosting, AND growth hacking. Our goal is to be your media partner.

Call me for a free 30 minute conversation with you where I will review your business vision and share my perspective born of decades of experience with media, design and technology. Or you can browse through our services below and schedule a chat or view our portfolio.


Brand Coaching & Messaging

What, why and who is ‘your brand’? This is the subject we will explore, along with where your audience is and how we can reach them. Having the attention of an experienced brand designer can bring a surprising clarity and lucidity to the process of ‘branding’ yourself. We will work together in 5 weekly skype or in person sessions to articulate your brand and vision and translate that into the materials we create. You will have a clearer understanding of what a ‘brand’ is and who you are in relationship. It’s transformative. BRAND STRATEGY

Copy Coaching, Writing & Editing

Brand narrative and copy (or content) coaching go hand in hand. Based on what we learn and outline from our brand coaching sessions, you, the client, will write the first draft of the web copy, and we, at Awake will copy edit and create the second draft. We will go back a couple times until we have a final draft. During this stage we also perform a basic keyword analysis and give you the keyword list that we will include in your copy for SEO purposes. We can also write the copy from scratch if you prefer. MORE ON WRITING & EDITING

Logo Design

We create timeless logos based on the principles of sacred geometry. The logo is the cornerstone of your brand. It’s essential to have a logo in order to build a brand, whether your logo is a typographic signature, a sacred geometry symbol or illustration, or a highly simplified icon. Logos need to be readable at any scale, from a facebook icon to a movie screen, so they can be used on all media. VIEW LOGOS


Business Card and Social Media Banner Design

The key to a strong brand is consistency. We design a distinctive business card and upload social media banners and insets for your social media sites. VIEW PORTFOLIO

Custom Designed WordPress ‘Divi’ Website

The central feature of the Awake Entrepreneur’s Package is a beautifully designed, scalable, responsive website, with mailing list sign-up, blog and premium Divi theme. Additional pages and functionalities like eCommerce and Event Calendars are available and the site is the central communicator of your online web presence. WEB DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

WordPress Tutorial

After the site is launched we offer a skype WP Tutorial to teach you how to add and edit copy, hyperlink text, upload and format images and add youtube videos. The tutorials will also be available as brief video links for you to revisit. Follow-up tutorials are available for a fee. SEE TUTORIALS