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Laskhmi in Circle

Hello. I am transitioning Awake Media from being a media agency that serves external client projects into a media company that creates films, apps and books about a very important topic: entheogens, a.k.a. psychedelics. I have decided to put the power of my 35 years of experience with branding and design, as well as the power of media itself, wholly to work on communicating and repositioning entheogens in the collective conscious. These amazing molecular magicians, particularly the plant-based ones like Cannabis, Ayahuasca, Iboga/Ibogaine, Psilocybin, San Pedro and Peyote, are psycho spiritual tools given by nature for self-healing, self-knowledge and the evolution of one’s own consciousness, no matter what cultural or religious background one might hail from (no faith necessary). Misunderstood and much-maligned for centuries because their power and proper medicinal and religious use did not translate into the mainstream Western mind-set, plant-based psychedelics are now experiencing a resurgence of interest in medical and metaphysical circles because they can heal difficult mental problems like PTSD and addiction where Western medicine fails, and offer access to a direct mystical experience. The reason these plants work where other approaches don’t is because they work on all levels, body, mind and spirit, and can unlock the door to an inner journey that is a greatly enriching part of the human experience, and awaken the inner teacher and healer. They bring new meaning to the term ‘Physician, heal thyself.

I am currently focused on a  film and media campaign about Iboga, an entheogenic root bark that can end the opioid epidemic. Its called IBOGA SAVES, and consists of a documentary IBOGA: ROOT TO LIBERATION being made in collaboration with Academy Award nominated cinematographer and founder of Impact Creative, Eric Thiermann; and a mobile app to RESCHEDULE IBOGAINE made in collaboration with Rishabh Dev, founder of Mapplinks, and an IBOGA WEB DIRECTORY. Learn more about the project on our sister site

an excerpt from footage shot for our upcoming film Iboga: Root to Liberation of Dr. Gabor Mate, addiction expert and author of ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction.’ Click image to watch the five-minute trailer.