Awake Media creates websites, online platforms, media campaigns and movies to inspire personal, social, political, and spiritual change. 


WordPress Website

Our websites are beautifully designed, well written, scalable, responsive, and functional with mailing list sign-up, blogs, shopping carts, event calendars, all built on the amazingly versatile premium Divi theme. Begin your site for just $32 a month.

Web Videos & Blogs

Video blogging is the best way to engage your audiences on social media. We script compelling videos and blogs that tell stories in a few minutes using a combination of footage, graphics, animation, voiceover and text for your social media marketing and youtube channel.

Iconic Logo Design

We create timeless logos based on the principles of sacred geometry and archetype. Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand whether its a typographic signature, a sacred geometry symbol or illustration, or a highly simplified icon. Logos need to be readable at any scale, from a facebook icon to a movie screen, so they can be used on all platforms.

Integrated Platform

How do you create social impact? Whether you just want to change your ROI or change culture, you need an integrated brand and communication platform to get your message out there and make change happen.










Laskhmi in Circle

Hello. I’m Lakshmi Narayan, founder and creative director of Awake Media. I create brands, media campaigns, websites, videos, apps, films, and books for entrepreneurs and non-profits involved in businesses that create positive social impact and change in personal, social, political, and spiritual domains. If you want to create an integrated online web presence that reflects your values and mission in an authentic and powerful way, please schedule a chat or email me.

Watch the five-minute trailer below from our current documentary fundraiser about Iboga, the root bark from Africa that can eliminate opioid addiction in a single treatment with no withdrawals


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