The movie The Social Dilemma revealed the extent of the censorship and social manipulation we currently experience on Facebook and other platforms. Building your classroom and student community on your WordPress website gives you 100% ownership, privacy, and an ad-free environment.


Multimedia Lessons

Appeal to multiple learning styles with video, audio, text, image-based lessons, and more.


Create dynamic multimedia quizzes to reinforce learning or test competency of the material

Course Builder

Easily build online courses from one screen with the intuitive multi-tier drag and drop course builder

Drip Content

Protect your learner focus and future recurring revenue by making lessons available over time


Require the successful completion of a specific lesson or even a specific course before another one unlocks

Course Tracks

Offer degree programs or certifications on completion of a group of courses taken in any order


Assignments requiring manual grading are coming soon as an advanced add-on

Quiz Timer

Set a maximum time limit for a quiz so students can demonstrate learning within a certain time

Student Dashboard

Front-end student profiles so learners can track their activity and stay organized

Multiple Instructors

Multiple instructors can create and teach a course or courses.

Lesson Downloads

Offer downloadable worksheets, ebooks, PDFs, audios, and other files for offline learning

Course Import

Easily import a course from one site to another for migration, licensing, and more

Course Export

One click export a course from your website for migration, licensing, backups, and more

Discussion Areas

Enjoy multiple discussion areas including lesson comments, forums, private coaching areas, and timelines

Instructional Design

Allow the software to guide you in how to organize and structure the most engaging courses online

Form Integrations

Add form plugins to collect assignments, contact messages, other data, and more

Graphics Pack

Get beautifully designed royalty-free certificate backgrounds, achievement badges, and more

Course Reviews

Increase course sales by collecting testimonials and honest reviews of your courses

Make Money

Our LMS helps you build a strong income generating a teaching business or membership site

Credit Card Payments

Own your platform and revenue with simple conversion-optimized credit card payments

One-Time Payments

You can charge whatever you want for your courses or memberships including simple one-time pricing

Recurring Payments

Create business sustainability and continuous cash flow with flexible recurring payment options

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$1200 one-time payment includes design to launch turnkey installation, plus $64 per month ongoing hosting, updates, maintenance and server management costs for a scalable Virtual Private Server. If you’re a current Awake Media hosting client add $32  to your existing hosting costs. $150 per year plugin license renewal fees after first year. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Text Lakshmi at 619-366-7788 if you have questions.

Jeffrey Detrick

Jeffrey possesses over 30+ years of experience as an advertising agency owner specializing in creative services, strategic branding, and art direction. As a lifetime entrepreneur, Jeffrey produces award-winning work on the level of his big agency contemporaries on national and international accounts but also possesses the real-world experience of...

From Hosting to Film: A Digital Media Ecosystem for the Entheogenic Community

I conceived of using media to awaken consciousness while I was witnessing the Twin Towers toppling on TV. At that moment I knew that we as a species were going to need to spiritually awaken to transcend the trauma and turmoil that we have created at this level of consciousness, in it’s materiality. I decided to devote my skills as a designer and communicator to creating media that awakens. For a long time it remained somewhat of a New Age aspiration, without any legs, but now, in 2022, as I witness the unravelling of our culture and species into separate warring tribes, I see that the need for media that awakens has become urgent on many fronts– in transcending trauma, ending addiction, finding purpose, righting relationships, and reconnecting with the divine. Enter entheogens, my preferred word for psychedelics.

Elizabeth Thomas

As a graphic designer, I’ve worked with varied audiences. From symbols and logos, brochures, and books for urban readers, to developing and testing teaching aids for village health workers and exhibitions about women’s struggles in village Panchayats. Worked with a team of designers and editors on quality books for the US and UK markets. In Goa...

Brand Strategy: The Big Picture Process

​This process was created by my late friend, business partner and mentor, Dan Bockman. When I met Dan, he was in his 70’s, at the tail end of a brilliant career as a Creative Director for an international ad agency in LA, with clients like Visa and Honda during the heyday of the 'MadMen' era. Dan was primarily responsible for Honda becoming the...

Iboga Saves: a documentary

I'm very happy to announce that Lakshmi Narayan of Awake Media has joined forces with Producer/Director Eric Thiermann, founder of Impact Creative and  Academy Award Nominee and DP for Oscar winner "Women for America"  to make a documentary about ibogaine, the psychedelic root bark that ends opioid addiction. This movie will shine a light on the...
meditation training wearable device

Transformative Technology: Brain Waves of the Future

Last month I attended the transformative technologies conference at Sofia University in Palo Alto California, where some of the brightest minds on the planet discussed the next billion dollar industry: technologies for self awareness and awakening.Quantitative & QualitativeStill in its infancy, the focus of transformative technology is...
Christian Fish1

Famous Corporate Sacred Geometry Logos

Sacred geometry is a map of the invisible. It’s the structures and patterns, atomic and galactic, that define forms and systems. Understanding sacred geometry gives meaning to life, and simplifies navigating through an increasingly complex world. Consciousness is fractal and holographic. Patterns repeat themselves, by definition, in species and...

About Awake Media

Why Awake Media? In this corporate controlled dis-information age, it sounds like an oxymoron. We should not let it be so! The intention of Awake Media, and awaken-ing, its mission, flows from it's founder, me, Lakshmi Narayan, a sentient life manifested in the corpus and work of Awake. In the years of my graphic design education and career, I...
Screen Shot 2014 01 20 at 1.08.36 PM e1461977729956

Repositioning Psychedelics in the Collective Consciousness

This article was originally published in the MAPS 2012 Winter Bulletin and is reproduced with their permission. I once heard of a behavioral study conducted at a university, years ago, long before I became interested in altered states of consciousness, that involved a group of chimpanzees who were placed in a room with a metal ladder, and in the...