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Why Awake Media? In this corporate controlled dis-information age, it sounds like an oxymoron. We should not let it be so! The intention of Awake Media, and awaken-ing, its mission, flows from its founder, me, Lakshmi Narayan, a sentient life manifested in the corpus and work of Awake.

In the years of my graphic design education and career, I have passed through the academic and corporate worlds to find them largely empty of substance, serving mainly their voracious appetite, more than real need.

From being a long-time student of the I Ching and as of this writing, my 62 years of life and love of it, I have learned many things, of geometry, of archetype and word, of color and pattern, energy and feeling, and I infuse this knowledge in my complex yet simple work. What is success? What does it cost?

I am always trying to fill the footsteps of being Awake, to marry beauty and function, vocation and avocation. My marketing plan is to address real need, mine and my clients. I strive to be a happy Medium of The Middle Way.

Awake Media was founded in 2012 with the mission of using media to help raise the collective consciousness. To that end, I seek to work with entrepreneurs, public benefit corporations, non-profits and individuals particularly in the fields of health and transformation, social justice and ecological balance. We strive to do great work: we will match your vision with our creativity, and help you develop an online and offline presence that’s utterly authentic and memorable. We specialize in WordPress hosting, websites and platforms, sacred geometry logos and integrative brands. Don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation with me if you have a project you need help with. Call or text 619-366-7788. 

Lakshmi Narayan
Founder & Creative Director,
Awake Media

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Awake Media has been a phenomenal resource for our film From Shock to Awe. Lakshmi and Carolyn provided a rich website, a striking logo/image for our film, a phenomenal social media presence and strategic execution of our IndieGoGo campaign. Not only is their work beautiful and creatively designed but also is detailed, thorough and well conceived. We consider them an integral part of our success in the short and long term (as we plan to use them throughout the making and marketing of our film). They were respectful of our vision while adding their own expertise and their dedication to the task exceeded all expectations. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Luc Côté, director and Janine Sagert, Content Producer of From Shock to Awe: Healing PTSD with Ayahuasca, MDMA and Cannabis.