We support Awake.net's non-profit mission of ending opioid addiction by providing platform and media services to Awake.net members at non-profit rates.


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Integrated Brands

The Big Picture Process is like a haiku in the world of overblown marketing processes. It can be applied to any size business. At the inception of a new client relationship whether for a website, an app, a crowdfunding campaign, or something else, one or two members of Awake Media will spend 1 to 3 hours in meetings with the client via zoom or in-person. Our goal at these meetings is to discover three things about the client and their business or subject matter. This exploration is the seed of the strategy, design, media, or technology we will create for you because it reveals the big picture. It also gives both parties a chance to engage and see if the relationship is a fit without a huge investment of time and money. LEARN MORE

Iconic Logo Design

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand whether its a typographic signature, a symbol or illustration, or a highly simplified icon. We create timeless logos based on the principles of sacred geometry and archetype. Logos need to be readable at any scale, from a Facebook icon to a movie screen, so that you can be recognized on all platforms. LEARN MORE

Wordpress Web Development

It takes a team to build a website. We work with local web developers as well as off-shore programmers. Web development projects are designed and managed by Awake Media coalition members. Our websites are built on the amazing premium Divi theme and are well-designed, functional, scalable, responsive, fast-loading and supported by the talents and expertise of the Awake Media Coalition of Independent Contractors. LEARN MORE

"After 10 years of Wordpress Web development we've hit the sweet spot in terms of a streamlined process that leads to a product that meets your expectations, can be completed in weeks not months, and is a solid foundation for your brand." - Lakshmi Narayan


Did you know that 78% of people search for a service or product first by using Google, and that 95% of all organic clicks go to the first 3 business listings on Google? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing is one of the most powerful and profitable marketing solutions available and must be a part of any business' overall digital media strategy. LEARN MORE


Video blogging is the best way to engage your audiences on social media. We script compelling videos and blogs that tell stories in a few minutes using a combination of footage, graphics, animation, voiceover and text for your social media marketing and youtube channel. Our video partner is Thierry Denis of Helium Films, with over a decade of expertise covering a broad range of formats — broadcast commercials, web promos, training, animation, product videos — that we tailor to ensure impactful results. LEARN MORE

Blogging & Content Strategy

Blogging is the most powerful tool in your arsenal for creating a following and communicating your ideas. We help you to articulate a blogging strategy, create content, audience guidelines, topic timelines and help with implementation whether its keyword targeting, writing, editing, formatting, image generation and/or video production. LEARN MORE

    Laskhmi in Circle

    Hello. I’m Lakshmi Narayan, founder and creative director of Awake Media. We are a coalition of independent media professionals each with a core competency and collective expertise in brands, logos, web, video, seo, social media and film. We serve startups, small businesses, non-profits and corporations in the alternative healthcare space. If you want to create an integrated online web presence that grows your business and reflects your values and mission in an authentic and powerful way please reach out.

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