The reconciliation of opposites, maleness and femaleness, is a constant process, like the wings of a butterfly fluttering, and as you flutter, you shed the heavy little bits of story you carry around, the bunches of regrets and disappointments and I wish I had’s or even the good stories, the expectations, the entitlements. The person who didn’t show up, and the recurring tape about the terrifying airplane flight, or how only a certain kind of love will do. The story ain’t worth its weight in feathers, so I constantly drop stories, in a joyfully chronic amnesia. Some of those tracks run deep however, and won’t shake off quite so easily, so then I have to turn to my best ally and guide: DESIGN.

Design has been my greatest teacher because when I am creating visual art or solving a design problem, I am awake. I don’t have to tell myself any stories or read any books about how to be a designer or how to be awake, it’s intrinsic. So this got me thinking: Perhaps each of us has an activity that comes intrinsically to us that puts us in an awakened state of consciousness. It might be your profession, or it might not. It might be your proclaimed passion, or your secret delight. But whatever it is pay attention to it. It is your inner teacher, in-tuition, free of charge and always at hand. Showing you how to see, and how to be in the world. And how to drop stories.

Letting go of stories is a constant shedding process, feathers for the sacred dance and that’s the secret to rejuvenation.

LIGHT, as a feather, is still Light, even as gravity pulls it down, it  falls lightly on the ground.