Being, the change

Being, the change

The reconciliation of opposites, maleness and femaleness, is a constant process, like the wings of a butterfly fluttering, and as you flutter, you shed the heavy little bits of story you carry around, the bunches of regrets and disappointments and I wish I had’s or even the good stories, the expectations, the entitlements. The person who didn’t show up, and the recurring tape about the terrifying airplane flight, or how only a certain kind of love will do. The story ain’t worth its weight in feathers, so I constantly drop stories, in a joyfully chronic amnesia. Some of those tracks run deep however, and won’t shake off quite so easily, so then I have to turn to my best ally and guide: DESIGN.

Design has been my greatest teacher because when I am creating visual art or solving a design problem, I am awake. I don’t have to tell myself any stories or read any books about how to be a designer or how to be awake, it’s intrinsic. So this got me thinking: Perhaps each of us has an activity that comes intrinsically to us that puts us in an awakened state of consciousness. It might be your profession, or it might not. It might be your proclaimed passion, or your secret delight. But whatever it is pay attention to it. It is your inner teacher, in-tuition, free of charge and always at hand. Showing you how to see, and how to be in the world. And how to drop stories.

Letting go of stories is a constant shedding process, feathers for the sacred dance and that’s the secret to rejuvenation.

LIGHT, as a feather, is still Light, even as gravity pulls it down, it  falls lightly on the ground.


I’m for parity.

The word PROSPERITY sounds like ‘PROS-PARITY, so I looked up the word PARITY.

‘Parity’ according to the dictionary is “the state or condition of being equal, esp. regarding status or pay.”

WOW. So prosperity is a condition that is characterized by balance, being equal, opposites reconciled, income and expense staying in a dynamic balance. Prosperity does not mean opulence or excess, it means “being for (pros) parity.”

With this new revelatory definition in mind, wealth and health two-gether represent prosperity, it’s a dual equation held in balance by the choices made by the Self.



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The Secret of Synchronicity

The Secret of Synchronicity

The Buddha questioned the necessity of suffering. He is represented as having withdrawn into pure detachment, and to me there has always been something partial about this interpretation of his teaching. No-mind, in my experience, is a very heartful place. I am drawn to the non-dualism of Tantra to balance that One-sidedness.

Compassion sits on the other side of the coin of detachment. When life hands you suffering, the choice is to forgive and forget or remember and suffer the past again and again because there is no time allocated in the present for the past.

So you have to feel your feelings in the now, get current, and go with the flow, of today, EVEN if you can see that this today is a cumulation of many past sufferings or feelings left unattended, you cannot attend to them anymore, that river has flown on, and in the river of NOW there is a feeling happening, an energy present, and by connecting to that energy, the current one, it will carry you along, to a future that is aligned because the present is aligned. That’s the secret of synchronicity.


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Design Renaissance 2010


Press Release:

SANTA CRUZ, California.  March 9, 2010 – Awake Media closes Earth Day weekend celebration with Design Renaissance 2010, a one-day event on Sunday, April 18, 2010 from 9AM– 4PM at the Dream Inn.

Envisioning a global renaissance in creative thinking, the event features a plenary of local and national leaders in sustainable design including Eric Corey Freed, author and Executive Director of Urban Revision, Ryan Duke from Project H Design, Bonnie de Varco, chief archivist for Stanford’s Buckminster Fuller Archive, world renowned chaos theorist and mathematician Ralph Abraham, and Helen and Newton Harrison, globally recognized local eco-artists. A number of local leaders will help moderate the discussion and involve the audience in participatory multimedia design exercises.

Speakers will inspire the audience with innovative thinking, best practices, and new trends in the application of sustainable design across many fields including architecture and urban renewal, systems and information design, product design, and environmental activism. Topics will include design for humanitarian and health needs, urban eco-zones, and the local watershed issues.

Design Renaissance, the inaugural event is envisioned to be an ongoing project, seeking to bring together people, projects, and ideas that can help co-create a sustainable Santa Cruz, while inspiring the global community. The nexus of ecology, design, and business around the challenges of sustainability is currently producing a new wave of creativity and inspiration that brings communities into new collaborative relationships with the triple bottom line of people, profit, and planet.

“With the Design Renaissance, we are excited to introduce the Santa Cruz community to a number of visionary yet practical ideas for a resilient and sustainable Santa Cruz”, says co-founder Michael Sammet, who teaches Sustainable Design at the Academy of Art University. “We are confident that the Monterey Bay Region, with all of its brain power and ecological consciousness, will continue be a leader in the burgeoning field of sustainable design.”

“When it comes to co-creating a sustainable Santa Cruz, everyone is a designer,” says Lakshmi Narayan, CEO of Awake Media.

Co-sponsors for the event include Transition Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Design + Innovation Center.

The  Design Renaissance event took place at the Dream Inn, 175 West Cliff Drive, from 9 AM – 4 PM on Sunday, April 18, 2010. Early bird tickets were $40. For more information or to purchase tickets call Awake Media at 831-740-1006 or go to



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The Coming of Age of the Human

Humanity has reached a pinnacle of achievement and decadence. Anything is possible in this most of all possible worlds. The adolescent dreamer awakens to a nightmarish world of his own creation… a world of instant gratification, fast cars, low technology, and very little substance. I am the possible Hu-man in this equation waking up to my self-created destiny. I see that I am firmly caught in the webs of this world, and my desire for a simpler, easier way to be, a return to Innocence, is growing. I see that the peculiar task that has been appointed to me, to my generation, is to be a bridge between an old collapsing culture, and a new one that is still unformed and dark. For a while I must straddle both worlds, subject to death throes and birth pangs at once, and they are both most real in their intensity.
A New Age does not come by itself. It is a confluence of nature, and the steps are available for those who would dare to tread in deep waters. It is the Will of Man that creates the new age,   We have lived our entire lives in separation. In this separation lies the seed of the discontent that pervades humanity. The nuclear family has created the nuclear age. Our wills have become weak, as governments and computers have dictated to us more and more what we may and may not do. Statistics drown out dreams, numbers crunch visions.
Standing at the end of an Age, I carry with me all the corruption and wisdom of my history. And yet within me are the seeds of my own rebirth. Seeds that are being infused with new vitality, the God-force, New candles being lit on the guttering carcasses of the old. This is the gift and grace of this time. It allows me to delve into and clean out my depths, so I can see clearly, and am able to gaze again into the limpid pool of my Self. I en-vision my life anew.   I have gained the power of Self-reflection.
When I realize that I have never been saner or clearer, or more lucid than when I am in the vibration of Ecstasy, I realize that this is my dream, to be that way, to exist in God’s vibration and create, by reflection, the beauty in my own mind. This is the aspiration and the humble wish for new beginnings: The desire to feel again the Prime Ordeal.

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