How do you create social impact? Whether you just want to change your ROI or change culture, you need an integrated brand and communication platform to get your message out there and make change happen. A brand is nothing more nor less than how someone “experiences” their interaction with you, your products, or services at any point of contact. Your brand and content strategy should be a blueprint and guide for the evolution of your business to achieve the goals that you have set out to accomplish.

Understanding the Big Picture

For integrated branding projects, we kick off with a 1-4 hour meeting with key clients/stakeholders during which we will ask many questions and brainstorm directions with you. The deliverable of this meeting is our blueprint for success and consists of a communications, seo, and marketing strategy that will spell out the big picture of what we’re trying to do as well as the details of phases, deliverables, timelines, audiences, channels and costs. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROCESS