One of the key features of building the brand for the film From Shock to Awe and its Indiegogo Campaign was that we had to invent a theme for a documentary that was not yet made. We spent 6 months building this campaign, starting with campaign and brand strategy meetings, decisions about which platform to use, how much to ask for, who our audiences were, compiling lists and form letters, a myriad of details. The most important piece, which set the tone for the project was the brilliant name that Janine Sagert, the film’s content producer invented “From Shock to Awe’. Once we had the name, I set out to create a brand image for it which would communicate iconically and visually some of the characteristics of the experience itself. I was lucky enough to find a piece of art by Australian artist Cameron Grey called “the Journey Begins”  I was able to photoshop the figure that he had out and insert a soldier with gun down walking into the light. It was perfect.



Awake Media has been a phenomenal resource for our film From Shock to Awe. They provided a rich website, a striking logo/image for our film, a phenomenal social media presence and strategic execution of our IndieGoGo campaign. Not only is their work beautiful and creatively designed but also is detailed, thorough and well conceived. We consider them an integral part of our success in the short and long term (as we plan to use them throughout the making and marketing of our film). They were respectful of our vision while adding their own expertise and their dedication to the task exceeded all expectations. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Luc Côté, director and Janine Sagert, Content Producer of From Shock to Awe:Healing PTSD with Ayahuasca, MDMA and Cannabis – Janine Sagert