About Awake Media

Why Awake Media? In this corporate controlled media and dis-information age, it sounds like an oxymoron. We should not let it be so! The intention of Awake Media, and awaken-ing, its mission, flows from its founder, me, Lakshmi Narayan, a sentient life manifested in the corpus and work of Awake.

In the years of my graphic design education and career, I have passed through the academic and corporate worlds to find them largely empty of substance, serving mainly their voracious appetite, more than real need.

From being a long-time student of the I Ching and as of this writing, my 59 years of life and love of it, I have learned many things, of metaphysics and geometry, of archetype and word, of color and pattern, energy and feeling, and I infuse this knowledge in my complex yet simple work. What is success? What does it cost?

I am always trying to fill the footsteps of being Awake, to marry beauty and function, vocation and avocation. My marketing plan is to address real need, mine and the world’s. I strive to be a happy medium of The Middle Way.

Available for media collaborations in revenue-sharing projects that further the cause of repositioning entheogens in the mainstream. Currently working on IBOGA SAVES.

Lakshmi Narayan
Founder & Producer
Awake Media