Web Development

After over 8 years of experience with WordPress web development, we’ve hit the sweet spot. Our websites are well-designed, functional, responsive, maintainable, scalable, optimized for seo, and secure. We’ve worked hard to streamline both process and product. We can build websites at any level of complexity with our team of amazing web developers– they really know their stuff.

Who We Work With

If you’re an established business that has a website that, though decent, is beginning to look dated and you need a redesign with more features and functionality like Courses, Events, Automation or eCommerce we can help you do that.

We offer a great rate for non-profits. Our foundational Divi websites make it easy to establish your non-profit web presence and grow it over time, adding the features and functionality you need for success, including donate buttons, forms, or crowdfunding.

For startups and personal brands on a limited or lean budget click on the specials button below to learn how you can get a site up for just $32 a month.

Transformative Technologies

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I very much trusted Awake Media to understand how to talk to the “psychedelic community” and that their work was organized, timely, and accurate. More importantly their designs were creative – beautiful while addressing the promotional goals of readability and communication. They kept with good design principles while speaking to a very broad audience.The work they did for the 2013 conference was appropriate for all our audiences: scientists, artists, students, doctors, therapists, explorers, shamans, and those with a general interest in psychedelics and in the conditions that the medicines treated. -Virginia Wright, Operations Director, MAPS, Psychedelic Science 2013 Conference

Our Process

If you don’t already have a great logo that’s where we should start. The logo is the cornerstone of your brand, and it communicates the essence of who you are. It sets the brand tone, look and feel, and color palette, so it is important that it capture that essence in a unique way. Learn more

Brand Strategy

Not only is the user interface design important, the look and feel, the communications goals, the main messages, and the ethos or style is important. Who’s your audience? What’s your story? How are you going to tell it? Through what channels? These are some of the questions we explore together during our branding before we design your site. Learn more

Content Creation

You may yourself be a good writer, but strategic web content written by a professional has a lot more mileage. We recommend that you either let us write original content for you, or you write the first draft and we will copy edit for style and content. Video content will also need to be initiated and produced on a separate track. WRITING

PSD Design Mockups

The communication drives the site concept and design so we don’t begin PSDs until we have at least a home page draft. Then we create a Photoshop layout of the home page and a few inside pages for you to sign-off before we implement on WordPress. 

WordPress Implementation

It takes a team of 3 experts to implement a website– a designer who creates the look and feel, a front-end web developer who sets up the site theme and formats and launches the site, and a back-end programmer who makes customizations and fixes broken code or incompatibilities. We quality check our websites for overall brand integrity and design, functionality, browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, navigation, SEO readiness, layout inconsistencies, loading speed, and links. Samples


We include a basic tutorial on how to use the theme and make edits to copy, add pages, add media, insert videos, and publish your site. Extended tutorials can be negotiated.

Hosting, Security & Maintenance Plans

We offer domain name registration, hosting, SSL installations, and monthly support and maintenance packages through Awake Hosting which is built on the Green Geeks environmentally friendly hosting platform.


I am beyond grateful and amazed at the unique talent and thoughtful design and foresight of AwakeMedia; having an ongoing marketing and media partner has transformed our company with the brand, message, and draw we needed to connect with our audience and grow our business. Our newly designed website is magical, easy to navigate, yet rich with valuable content. The feel and tone of the colors, images, and copy is perfect for our focus groups; I couldn’t have imagined it better. Awake Media took the time to understand who we are and what we do to help us better represent our value to interested viewers. Awake Media has become an extension of our team assisting with the heart of our company on the front lines. Thank you Lakshmi and team. -Deanne Adamson, beingtruetoyou.com