Social Video Campaigns Strategy & Management

You have a great-looking brand and website, now what? Its not worth much unless you can reach your target audience on a regular basis and this is where Social Media outreach becomes critical.

We’ve developed an affordable model for creating quick, inexpensive, yet engaging web videos that are will enhance your social media presence.

With this monthly plan, Awake Media becomes your marketing and self-promotion ally. Blogging, especially video blogging is the best way to increase search rankings organically, grow your audience and establish your authority in your chosen field.

Here are the steps we follow:

•Establish a Content Strategy that enhances your brand messages and goals

•Work with you to create a Master List of Blog Topics & Titles

•Create and publish new branded videos, blogs or newsletters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on our agreement

•Make it Search Engine Friendly by targeting appropriate keywords

•Maximize reach by posting to popular social media channels like FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn

•Format the blog on your website and add images and links