In memory of Stuart Wilde who delivered to me my first and biggest awakening

In memory of Stuart Wilde who delivered to me my first and biggest awakening

Stuart Wilde passed away a few months ago of a heart attack at age 66. I am eternally grateful to him for giving it to me straight and simple. He awakened me through his powerful ideas and actions at the Warriors Wisdom workshop in Taos, new Mexico. I was 33 then. Today, 20 years later, I still count that as the biggest turning point of my life and consciousness, thus far.

A great silence descended on me, right from when I got on the plane to Taos for the three day workshop. I had no expectations, I was a novice, a true beginner. I did not even know that the silence was significant. I just noticed it, curious.

The silence grew and expanded throughout those three days of paradigm busting experiences, metaphysical lectures and 4 am meditations, feeling my spirit snap to attention inside me to the crack of a gunshot in a large room, a near death experience as I fell off a high-wire, and finally a fire-walk, chanting “Cool moss, cool moss”, which left me feeling exhilarated and certain that this was my birth-right, to be this awake, this ecstatic.

That state of ecstasy lasted for about three weeks, and then tapered off, as mundane reality crept in. However, its effect has been profound. I have spent the rest of my life integrating that experience, rediscovering that state, and making it my own, so that I can hold that ecstasy in my body once again, as a natural state.

Here is an account of my near death experience at Stuart Wilde’s Seminar.