Hello. Awake Media is a web services company and a media producer of films, videos, books, blogs, and apps. Awake team members are independent contractors who each bring a core competency to the team. 

Lakshmi Narayan, Founder, Creative Director, graphic design, scriptwriting, strategy
My background is 9 years of undergraduate and graduate training in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. I have 30 years experience in various print and digital media, including branding and corporate identity systems, WordPress web development, collateral design, magazine design, direct mail, ads, packaging, and scriptwriting. I am passionate about transformation of consciousness and culture. For the first part of my career I worked in and for major corporations in healthcare, finance, and lifestyle, with clients like EHS Hospitals in Illinois, Arthur Andersen, Encyclopedia Brittanica, and Allied Van Lines. In 2010 I shifted my focus to alternative health and counterculture clients as my own spiritual growth and interest in holistic health expanded. I worked with MAPS, the leader in the psychedelic medicine movement, and helped brand their PS2013 conference. I also worked with WVC (Women’s Visionary Congress), and with dozens of solopreneurs and small businesses in California and elsewhere to help them build a foundational brand and web presence, and print collateral and videos. 


Patrick Eckstrom, SEO, SMM

Patrick Eckstrom is the CMO and Co-Founder of DigitalBiz, LLC (2017): www.DigitalBizAgency.com & MySMN Digital (2010): www.MySMN.com. Both companies are nationally recognized digital marketing & creative agency that are focused on delivering extremely highly level strategy and execution of all things digital to help companies increase marketshare, increase revenue and build brand awareness.

Experience & Skills Include:
Executive marketing and customer acquisition expert with 13+ years of senior level experience developing successful marketing, sales and advertising campaigns targeting B2B, B2C and SMB on both hyper-local and national levels. Highly motivated, values driven problem-solver with strong moral character and a passion for building solid employee culture and brand advocates.

Proven leader in building successful lead generation systems, designing multi-layered sales funnels, and launching highly-targeted marketing & advertising campaigns both online and through traditional channels.

In depth experience building & leading large integrated sales and marketing teams designed to focus on customer acquisition, customer retention and generating ongoing monthly repeat business and monthly revenue streams.

Skilled at analyzing data to develop actionable insights that influence KPIs such as: revenue growth, sales conversions, User Experience, email & lead capture, customer retention, nurture and engagement and overall ROI. 


Thierry Denis, CEO, Helium Films: corporate videos, documentaries, full service production and post-production
Whether it is a cap, a beret, or a fedora, Thierry wears all the hats (literally). Not only a leader to his team at Helium Films, San Diego but a mentor, Thierry goes out of his way to fulfill customers’ needs in the most elegant and creative ways.

Ritesh Sharma, WP web development, troubleshooting
I and my team help your brand build meaningful connections with what really matters – People. And we do this through our engaging designs, purposeful UX, intelligent strategies, adaptable technology, and end-to-end support. We work on projects ranging from digital marketing, design, web design and development, SEO, Growth Marketing, Online PR and branding.

Stefanie Cohen, freelance journalist, ghostwriter, and copy writer
My interests include plant medicines, mental and spiritual health, and storytelling. As a former Wall Street Journal reporter, I bring the highest level of journalistic integrity to each of my projects. As a person walking a path led by plant medicines, I brings my heart, and a wish for the highest good, to those same endeavors.

Lucas Narayan, audio engineer, web developer, media producer
I launch websites, manage the server backend, set up accounts, conducts tutorials, manage Woocommerce, troubleshoot issues, and a plethora of other related web development tasks. My job requires me to constantly be learning to keep up with technology’s rapid pace. In addition to web development, I also offer audio editing, mixing and recording, music composition, and sound design. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering from Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, CA.