Awake Media is actively seeking clients, partners, and collaborations to create transcendent media products, and infuse the marketplace. Transcendent media is a virtually non-existent genre, but it is only a new form of already existing media capabilities, such as film, videos, graphic novels, games and iPad apps.

We are interested in creating the following Transcendent Media products

  • Guided Multimedia Meditations: (seeking collaborators for ‘The Diamond Body” meditation)
  • Psychedelic Short Stories: A short multimedia piece that depicts a psychedelic episode or dream sequence, using a multimedia narrative form, where there is an audio retelling, combined with 3D, animation, live video, and typography. (Read an example of a psychedelic episode depiction)
  • Interactive shamanic children’s books (seeking collaborators for The Magic Tree)
  • Metaphysical Video Games (Seeking collaborators for The Cosmic Snake and Jacob’s Ladder)
  • Feature Films (seeking collaborators for Gifted)



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