Web Development

After over 8 years of experience with WordPress web development, we’ve hit the sweet spot, where we’re able to create websites that are well-designed, functional, responsive, maintainable, expandable, affordable, and supported by the Awake Media Coalition of Independent Contractors.


Our Process

If you don’t already have a great logo that’s where we should start. The logo is the cornerstone of your brand, and it communicates the essence of who you are. It sets the brand tone, look and feel, and color palette, so it is important that it capture that essence in a unique way.

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Scope of Work Meetings Your website is your main and primary point of contact, you can’t do business or spread a message without a website, so the articulation of your brand is most important here. Not only is the user interface design important, the look and feel, the communications goals, the main messages, and the ethos or style is important. Who’s your audience? What’s your story? How are you going to tell it? Through what channels? These are some of the questions we explore together during our scope of work sessions before we design your site.

Writing and Editing You may yourself be a good writer, but strategic web content written by a professional has a lot more mileage. We recommend that you either let us write original content for you, or you write the first draft and we will copy edit for style and content. Video content will also need to be initiated and produced on a separate track.



PSD Design Mockups The communication drives the site concept and design so we don’t begin PSDs until we have at least a home page draft. Then we create a Photoshop layout of the home page and a few inside pages for you to sign-off before we implement on WordPress.

WordPress Implementation It takes a team of 3 experts to implement a website– a designer who creates the look and feel, a front-end web developer who sets up the site theme and formats and launches the site, and a back-end programmer who makes customizations and fixes broken code, or incompatibilities. We quality check our websites for overall brand integrity and design, functionality, browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, navigation, SEO, layout inconsistencies, and links.

WordPress Tutorial We include a basic tutorial on how to use the theme and make edits to copy, add pages, add media, insert videos, and publish your site. Extended tutorials can be negotiated.

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Hosting, Security & Maintenance Plans Available.