After over 12 years of experience with WordPress web development, we’ve hit the sweet spot. Our websites are well-designed, functional, responsive, maintainable, scalable, optimized for seo, and secure. We’ve worked hard to streamline both process and product. We can build websites at any level of complexity with our team of amazing web experts.


 Private Classroom and social media platform built inside WordPress using premium themes and carefully chosen plugins for compatibility, speed, and performance.

Hosted on Awake Media’s environmentally-friendly hosting server supported by

Create unlimited courses inside the Learning Management System with lessons with tracks, assignments, quizzes, certificates, media, and pdfs.

Schedule, announce and conduct online Zoom events or classes from your website with recordings autosaved to your class session.

Out of the box social media system in place. With just a few clicks we can turn on or off the social media settings which will allow for the community to interact with each other via Emails, Activity feeds, Connections and Blogposts.

A monetizable WordPress Membership Platform that can also be converted into an app.

Ability for platform owners to easily create free and paid membership levels and connect them to courses or other features. Members have access to their own Dashboard with a public editable profile (brand) and the ability to connect and email other members. Members can be categorized into various groups, such as student, instructor, author, workshop facilitator etc, and can also belong to certain “sub-groups” Members are visible in the Directory.

Ability to create public and private Interest Groups/Channels (with sub-groups) and Forums which can also be connected with Events or individual Courses, so that each Course/Event has its own private group and social media feed which is visible in each Members Activity Feed.

Sell products, courses, and event tickets right from your Website Woocommerce store.

Because it’s WordPress, it’s scalable and transferable. The client has full ownership and control.

All profits after operating expenses benefit’s FEAT program, the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment, so that you can do good while doing business.