Why SEO Matters

On-site Organic SEO updates alone can increase the number of visitors to a website via search by 50-100 unique visitors a month. Once a website has a good SEO structure, organic search traffic can be increased exponentially through blog marketing and social media integration.

By discovering the language that your target audience is using to search, and incorporating that language into the code and copy of your website, we increase the number of visitors that find and visit your site via search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In Phase 1, we analyze the commonly searched keywords that people are using to search for the services offered by your website, and keywords that successful competitors are using to rank well in search results. Based on this analysis we create an SEO Keyword Strategy¬†for distributing these keywords throughout your website’s data structure to improve search placement and ranking.

Phase 2 SEO, while more mechanical, is time consuming, and consists of over 500 separate tasks which need to be performed in the following areas. We offer monthly plans that can be accelerated according to your budget to perform these SEO tasks.

  1. Optimize Your Presence
  2. Manage Your Reputation
  3. Become an Authority
  4. Convert
  5. Retain & Grow